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Project Description
This tool is used for backup functionality on SQL Azure database and tables in a periodical timeline. The code can deployed as a Worker role with Azure or on-premise environment and the backup file can stored to blob storage or to file system.

This project built based on previous project ( theory and architecture, by creating a new project using VS2012 and using the new DAC Framwork also the new API for Storage instead of using StorageClient.


Since there is no backup and restore mechanism in windows Azure, most of the enterprise companies and service providers need to backup their data daily, weekly and monthly not only to protect it from a disaster but also to get back so specific restore point.

Automating windows Azure SQL database backup:

By using the worker role mechanism for windows Azure, a service running every specific time will read an XML file to get information about the targeted databases and in case the time is come for the backup the service will start backing up the database using DAC Framwork,

In order to use this solution, DAC Framework and it's dependencies should be installed on the machine: From here

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